Pilot & Fiancée Rescue 17 In Tennessee Flood

The recent flooding in Waverly, Tennessee, took out houses, roads, cellphone towers and phone lines and left dozens of people stranded. Many of them fled to their roofs to escape the rising water and one helicopter pilot was on a mission to rescue any of them he could find.

Joel Boyers had just finished helping his fiancée Melody Among earn her pilot’s license when he got a call from a frantic woman asking if he could rescue her brother who was trapped on a roof with his daughters. The pilot wasn’t sure if he could because of bad weather, but he tried anyway. And when he flew to the area and saw debris everywhere, cars stuck in trees and people in boats in the raging water below, he started flying up and down the flooded creek to grab anyone he could.

With Among as his co-pilot, Boyers ended up rescuing 17 people that day. She helped him maneuver around power lines, balance his skids on rooftops and hover over floodwaters. “Every landing was pretty dangerous,” Boyers admits, adding, “I just kept doing it over and over again until I was low on fuel.”

Source: ABC News