Nurse Uses COVID Vaccine Vials To Create Art For Health Care Workers

A public health nurse in Colorado was inspired to create something using the hundreds and hundreds of empty COVID vaccine vials that would otherwise be wasted. Laura Weiss was a retired nurse when Boulder County Public Health asked for help administering vaccines in February and then inspiration struck.

She says she thought the empty glass vials were beautiful, so she got permission to use them and turned them into a work of art as a tribute to her fellow healthcare workers. Weiss bought an empty frame online and used it to create a chandelier made of the vials. She explains, “I realized I wanted to do something with light because I just felt like it’s been such a dark and challenging year for so many people that I like the idea of bringing a light to this.”

She says the art piece doesn’t have a home yet, but wherever it ends up, she wants those who see it to know it was made to honor healthcare workers who put their lives and health on the line to help others. Weiss says, “I think that light can represent hope and clarity and it also has the potential to actually expand the bigger view and verify perspective.”

Source: CNN