Dad Walking From Maine To NC To Raise Money For Child’s Rare Condition

A devoted dad is walking 12-hundred miles to raise awareness and funds for a rare genetic condition his daughter has. British Army Major Chris Brannigan set off on August 31st in Maine and is hoofing it all the way down 12 states to Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina. And he’s doing it all barefoot!

Brannigan’s nine-year-old daughter, Hasti, was diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS), which can cause reduced growth, cognitive impairment, premature aging and other health issues. There’s no cure or treatment for the condition and the family was told that Hasti’s health would probably restrict her quality of life by the time she hits puberty. They started a charity, Hope for Hasti, to raise money for medical research for CdLS, and The Hope for Hasti Barefoot March hopes to do the same.

Over the 53-day trek, Brannigan is walking between 20 and 30 miles a day while carrying a backpack that weighs up to 55 pounds. And he’s doing it without shoes to experience some of the challenges Hasti experiences with the life-changing condition. His goal is to raise $3.4-million for CdLS research at The Jackson Laboratory in Maine, where they’re developing a treatment that’s reportedly nearing a clinical trial. The exhausted father is motivated by his daughter to continue, explaining, “If I don’t keep taking steps, there’s not going to be a treatment for CdLS.

Source: Fox News