‘Starlink’: The ‘New’ Space-Age

Have you noticed something different about the night sky?

Well, you’re probably not just seeing things- it might just be Elon Musk at it again! Alongside the company of which he leads, SpaceX, CEO Musk launched a large number of satellites last month as part of ‘Starlink’, a global internet service aimed at providing worldwide internet, everywhere!(1) What a year the modern age is – global internet only at the expense of increasing orbital near-misses; aircraft-to-aircraft near misses within flight, of which is estimated to increase by 90% as a result of the satellite system.

Good news for those who are interested in what Starlink has to offer, the satellites will be exiting out of beta testing in October– alongside this would be an increase in the number of satellites to hit the night sky as well. Right now the grand total lands at 1,700 while Musk has posited to send at least 42,000 more in the hopes to ‘completely envelope the Earth”. This could create a larger concern for space junk in orbit, even more near-misses with aircraft, and as we have already seen, substantial affects to the study of astronomy and the way our night sky has been seen for… forever.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited that the world could be even more connected within the global intranet, or are you worried that we may be sacrificing our natural beauty and current scientific endeavors for things that seem less than advantageous in comparison to the space-ages of old?

  1. SpaceX Launches 1000s of Satellites for ‘Starlink’ Service https://www.businessinsider.com/spacex-starlink-dish-terminal-elon-musk-satellite-internet-2021-8