Should You Stretch Before You Work Out?

To stretch before a workout or not to stretch before a workout? That is the question. And unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to it. Holly Rose, certified trainer, is here to try and set the record straight as best as she can.

The most important thing you need to be careful about is stretching “cold” muscles, since they are more likely to tear, and we do not want that. Therefore, it’s important to warm up, even before stretching. Once you do this, you can do dynamic stretches, which are stretches that involve movement such as lunges, jumping jacks, leg swings, butt kicks, and so on.

Stretching post-workout is a hard yes so make sure to have a few minutes after each workout. Roser explains that “stretching post-sweat sessions is just as important as bringing the muscle back to its original pre-workout state.” Plus, this is the time that you can safely do static stretches, such as the classic hamstring toe-touch stretch.

Source: Well + Good