Space: Final Frontier or Commercial Frontier?

Modern business has a way of expanding not only to the realms of our virtual lives but now also into the depths of our astronomical endeavors- 2021 is wild.

Some may think in a good way, some might not; whatever you may feel about the situation the reality of our new space-age has reared its head to ‘broad’ horizons. The pros and cons are there to weigh-out and in the meantime the wheels of industry will continue forth – The Commercial Lunar Payload Services program has outsourced operations out to several companies in the hopes to bring passengers to the Moon twice a year. (1) Yes, now even you can live the Buzz Aldrin experience and travel to moon, for a slim fee, of course.

A quick search up on one of the companies being tasked for the mission is Astrobotic out of Pittsburgh and this seems to be right up their alley, matter of fact – it looks like the only thing they do! The slogan reads, “HOP IN, WE’RE GOING TO THE MOON! – We’re the Moon company and more. We’re in the business of delivering your scientific instruments, technologies, ideas, and innovations to space.” Other companies are set to hop on to the project around the country such as Firefly Aerospace out of Texas which begs the question – how close are we to commercial space travel? Will it just be for leisure/consumption or will this expand the concept of the “Final Frontier” into a “Commercial Frontier”? The interesting part is that none of this is even a new concept in the science sphere.

In July of 2011 there were already talks of outsourcing Spaceflight jobs – this next generation of Astronauts could be privatized, it could even be you!