Elderly Woman Fights Gator To Save Dog From Attack

An evening walk almost turned deadly for a Florida woman and her dog, but she fought back to protect them. Suzan Marciano was walking her pup, Nalu, at a park near Boca Raton when the dog ran into a lake, where a six-foot shadow was lurking in the water.

That long shadow turned out to be a gator and it bit down on Nalu. Marciano says she wasn’t thinking, she just reacted and “came down on the alligator” with all her weight. It worked and the reptile let go of the dog, but it also bit the 74-year-old woman on the hand.

She and Nalu were able to escape and both were treated for their injuries. Marciano received five stitches and Nalu had surgery to treat puncture wounds to the stomach and leg. They’re both recovering, thanks to the fearless dog owner.

Source: Newsweek