Boy’s Act Of Kindness At Phillies Game Goes Viral

A 10-year-old Pennsylvania boy is going viral for all the right reasons. Aaron Pressley was in the stands at a Phillies game last week when a foul ball came his way. Lots of fans dove for it, but the fifth-grader got lucky and grabbed it.

Aaron held the ball up to celebrate his catch, but then he looked over and saw a little girl sitting nearby who was in tears because she tried to catch the ball, but didn’t get it. And what he did next has everyone cheering for him.

“It didn’t feel right to keep the ball. I just had to give it to her. So I went over there and I saw her crying and I just felt so sad,” Aaron says. “I gave her the ball. She said, ‘Thank you.’ It just felt so good. I felt like a good guy.”

The little girl’s family was so moved by his act of kindness, they thanked him with a Phillies gift card. And the team was so impressed, they sent over another ball for Aaron.

Source: 6 ABC