Missing Cat Returns Home After 12 Years

A woman in Europe has been reunited with her pet cat after he disappeared 12 years ago. Shelley Brockbank lives in Jersey, one of the Channel Islands, between England and France, and says her cat, Alfie, went out for an “adventure” in 2009 and never returned.

She says Alfie enjoyed exploring and liked to climb into people’s cars, but after that day, he was missing for good. After a dozen years had passed, Shelley happened to see a Facebook post from a local animal shelter about a stray cat that had been found and looked just like Alfie.

A visit to the shelter confirmed it was indeed her pet, although he had “aged quite a bit,” she knew it was him. Shelley is delighted to be reunited with Alfie and says she hopes he’s done with his adventures and “will settle into a cozy and peaceful retirement.”

Source: BBC