Dog Alerts Neighbor To Save Owner After Stroke

A Florida family is thankful for their dog, who went to a neighbor to get help for her owner during a medical emergency. Lothar Weimann had collapsed at his house in Gainesville and his wife wasn’t at home, but their seven-year-old German Shepherd, Ellie, knew he needed assistance.

The dog took off to get help, opening at least three gate latches by herself to get to the neighbor’s house. Dan Burton wasn’t sure why Ellie showed up barking like crazy, but when he walked her home, it all made sense. He saw Weimann and realized something wasn’t right, so he called 911 and reported a possible stroke.

It turns out, that’s exactly what happened to Weimann and thanks to his loyal dog and his concerned neighbor, he got to the hospital and received the treatment he needed. He’s still recovering, but without Ellie, things may have ended differently. Weimann is grateful for her help and says, “If you have a dog, you have a companion for life.”

Source: Fox News