Drs Save Critically Ill Pregnant Woman & Her Baby

When Candice Cruise was told she was going to need a lung transplant to save her life, she was devastated. Not because of the risk to her life, but because she was 21 weeks pregnant. Determined to save both her and her baby, a team of Canadian doctors planned a course of action that had never been done before.

Using an ECMO machine — a tool in high demand during the pandemic — doctors delayed Cruise’s transplant until her baby could be delivered. For seven weeks, she was in the ICU at Toronto General Hospital — the only patient in her unit not fighting COVID-19 — hooked up to the machine to buy her baby some time. At 29 weeks, Cruise’s health was worsening. Even though the baby would be premature, doctors believed he was far enough along to survive, so they prepared for delivery.

On June 10th, the team of doctors delivered Cruise’s one-pound baby boy via C-section, with the mother still on life support. And she was able to hold the baby she hadn’t been sure would survive. “It was such an amazing moment for me because I didn’t think I was gonna see him at all,” she says. “I can’t even find the words.” Just four weeks after the birth, she got her lung transplant. And now three months later, she is home with her husband, daughter, and a healthy baby boy.

Source: CTV News