Internet Sleuth Finds Rock Star’s Guitar Stolen In 1976

A very special guitar stolen from a rock star in 1976 has been found after a 45 year search. Randy Bachman of The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive fame was devastated when his beloved 1957 Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins model archtop guitar was stolen from a Toronto hotel in 1976. He treasured this guitar that he’d worked so hard as a teenager to buy and that he’d written multiple hit songs on, so he was shocked when he received a message recently that it had been located.

Bachman became obsessed with finding the guitar in the decades following its theft, enlisting help from police and vintage instrument dealers across North America. He’s told the story of the theft many times over the years, including on his YouTube channel. It was there that William Long heard about the missing guitar. The internet sleuth hobbyist was looking for a new challenge while quarantining. So he spent several weeks going through hundreds of images of Gretsch archtops and searching online sales sites until he finally tracked Bachman’s guitar to a Tokyo musician named Takeshi.

Long confirmed this through a 2019 YouTube video of Takashi playing the famous Gretsch guitar. He delivered the good news to Bachman, who reached out to Takeshi over Zoom. Bachman was tearful when he first laid eyes on the guitar after so many years. When travel restrictions ease, Bachman and Takeshi are going to meet up in Tokyo to make a trade for an identical model guitar Bachman acquired. “I’m so honored and proud to be the one who can finally return this stolen guitar to its owner,” Takashi says. “I feel very grateful for this miracle happening in both our lives.” The two also plan to jam together at the venue where Takeshi shot the video that led to the guitar’s discovery.

Source: CNN