Arizona Program Helps Pay Utility Bills For Struggling Households

The state of Arizona is launching a program to help people who are struggling to pay their utility bills. Arizona’s Department of Economic Security just announced a plan to offer assistance to the tens of thousands of Arizonans who are having trouble making their water, gas, and electricity payments. They’ve teamed up with utility companies to distribute $36-million to households in need.

Not everyone will qualify for the assistance, however. Bonnie Temme , a rep for SRP, one of the state’s largest utility providers, says recipients will have to meet several requirements to be eligible. “It is based upon income of the household,” says Temme. “Also, that they have been impacted by COVID pandemic, as well as that they are renters. That’s one thing that it specifically mentions, funds are dedicated to renters.” Utility companies will be reaching out to customers to see if they qualify.

Phoenix resident Tia Wilhelm, a potential beneficiary of the program, says the help is very much needed. “Oh, that can definitely help me out,” she says. “I’m behind quite a few months in electric, so that would definitely help out.”

Source: AZ Family