Gordon Ramsay Can’t Cook Grilled Cheese

For once, Gordon Ramsay is the one getting his food nitpicked. In a new TikTok, the celebrity chef is forced to admit his grilled cheese might not be all that.

Ramsay has posted a video reacting to TikToker DishedIt roasting his take on grilled cheese – specifically, a recipe he shared in August 2020 while he was in Tasmania for his show “Uncharted.” DishedIt burns everything from the choice of cheese (Asiago and Romano, “neither of which are known for melting”), thick bread slices, overpowering kimchi topping, cooking techniques and cheese consistency.

“Hold on a minute, girl. I was in Tasmania! They don’t have grilled in Tasmania,” Ramsay says in defense of his grilled cheese. “Okay, maybe I didn’t put it in the pan long enough, I was in a rush.” Check out the video below, and a clip to the right.

Source: Gordon Ramsay