Nonprofit Helps Man Living On Streets Reunite With Family

A Texas nonprofit helps reconnect a homeless man with his family. Donald Adcox had been living on the streets in Temple, Texas, for the past few months. He lost his job during the pandemic, creating a cascade of losses. “Once the pandemic hit last year, everything slowed down,” he says. “Couldn’t find work. Started losing things, my vehicle, a house, and depleted all my funds I had in the bank, and ended up on the streets.”

Fortunately, he had local nonprofit Feed My Sheep Temple to help him through his darkest days. Among other resources, Adcox was able to use the nonprofit’s phone to attempt to reach out to his sister. Resource office manager for Feed My Sheep Temple Kristy Cox says Adcox’s sister contacted them and they were able to help them reunite.

Adcox’s cousin Jim lives only an hour from Temple, so Adcox’s sister contacted him to see if he could help find her brother. And with the help of volunteers from Feed My Sheep Temple, Jim and his cousin were reunited. “I was sleeping in a field behind a house about two, three blocks down,” says Adcox. “That’s the first thing he said, ‘You’re going home with me. You have a home.’” And Adcox now has a clearer path to getting his life back on track.

Source: KXAN