Mom Reunites With Family For Holidays After Seven Months In Hospital

A Pennsylvania mom is reunited with her family after spending seven and a half months in the hospital with COVID-19. Marissa Fuentes was 32 weeks pregnant when she was admitted to the hospital in April of this year with a nearly fatal COVID infection. Her baby, Enzo, had to be delivered via an emergency C-section and it would be five months before they would see each other again.

Fuentes’ condition worsened. She developed severe pneumonia and spent over five months on an ECMO machine, with it working as both her heart and lungs. But she was determined to get better and when it looked like she might be improving, she and her caregivers made it their goal for her to be home in time for Thanksgiving.

And so the day before Thanksgiving, Fuentes was released from the hospital and was able to return to her family. She still has a long road to recovery, but she’s grateful to be able to be with her loved ones again. “I’m not only thankful for my kids and my husband every day, but especially today to be with them,” she says. “Living the best life with my kids, being home with them means the world.”

Source: ABC 7 NY