Man Finds & Returns Chest Containing WWII Love Story

A Florida man finds and returns a chest filled with mementos dating back to World War II. About six years ago, Tony Campitelli found an old trunk on the side of the road in a pile of junk. Inside was a family’s collection of pictures and mementos. When he got the chest home, he and his wife went through it, finding a folded American flag and hundreds of love letters from a soldier stationed overseas to his wife at home. Realizing how important those things were, he tried to track down the rightful owner, and was even featured on local news, but had no luck.

A few weeks ago, Campitelli was watching a WWII show on the History Channel and he remembered that old chest. So he thought he’d give locating its owner another shot. He posted about the trunk on Facebook and luckily, someone was able to connect him to its rightful owner. Just down the road from Campitelli in Naples, the trunk’s owner Carolyn Manning heard about the find from a distant cousin and was excited about getting it back. “Pretty much all of my life is in this box,” she says.

Six years ago, circumstances forced Carolyn to leave all her stuff behind and she thought she’d never see those family mementos again. The love letters in the trunk were from her father, Leon, to his wife, who he wrote to almost daily as he fought overseas. He was even captured as a prisoner of war, but that didn’t keep him from writing home to the love of his life. “Not many people experience that kind of love in a marriage,” Manning says. “So my mother, I don’t know if she really knew how lucky she was, but she was very lucky, very lucky to have a man like my dad.” And she feels pretty lucky herself to finally have her family treasures again. “Honestly, one of the best days of my life,” she says.

Source: Wink News