Store Clerk Talks Woman Into Buying $1.4-Million Winning Lotto Ticket

A clerk at a convenience store in Australia talks a customer into buying a ticket for a particular lotto game and the ticket ends up winning the woman $1.4-million. A woman in Brisbane, Queensland, told lotto officials that she originally went into the store to pick up a Powerball ticket, but the clerk suggested she buy the Saturday Gold Lotto ticket instead.

When the woman’s daughter saw news of a winning ticket being sold at that store, she told her mom about it. “I thought, ‘I better check this,'” the woman says. “My husband was laying down, and I ran to him and said, ‘I think I might have this. I really might have won.’” She had her daughter read the numbers out to her and she realized they’d hit the jackpot. “That’s when we knew our life had changed forever,” she recalls. “We had to close our blinds so we could let out some screams.”

The lucky woman says the win couldn’t have come at a better time. “It’s been a very stressful year for my partner and I. This will take the pressure off tremendously,” she says. “We hope to help our children and grandchildren. We’re also going to retire earlier than expected.”

Source: UPI