Beagle Honored With “Heroic Dog Award” For Saving Elderly Neighbor

A beagle in Maryland is being recognized for saving his owner’s 85-year-old neighbor. Last year, Makayla Swift adopted Milo, an energetic one-year-old beagle, from an animal shelter. Early last month, as Swift went to take Milo for a quick walk, he took off across the street to a neighbor’s house. “I couldn’t catch him,” Swift recalls. “He started scratching on the front door. I’m thinking, ‘Why is he literally trying to break into her house?'”

Embarrassed that her pup was up on her neighbor’s porch, Swift went to get Milo. As she tried to drag him away, she heard a faint voice coming from an upstairs window. Earlier that morning, Sherry Starr slipped and fell in her bathroom and found herself wedged between the tub and toilet, unable to get up. The 85-year-old was sore and scared she might not get help. “I’m thinking: I’m just going to die here,” she says. She yelled for help, but there was no one to help her, but fortunately, Milo can hear really well. Swift called for help and paramedics were able to free Starr, who only suffered some bruises and declined a trip to the hospital.

So now the animal rights organization PETA is honoring Milo with the “Heroic Dog Award.” Milo’s owner will get a framed certificate and the canine hero will get a basket of toys and puppy treats. PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien hopes Milo’s story “inspires people to consider adopting an animal from their local shelter, where so many clever, loving, and tenacious dogs like Milo are waiting for a family to join.”

Source: Newsweek