Make-A-Wish Surprises Boy With Leukemia With Magical Christmas Display

A North Carolina boy is getting his wish to have his home turned into a winter wonderland. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has installed a massive holiday light display at the Durham home of Wyatt. The six-year-old boy was diagnosed with leukemia when he was three and watched lots of Christmas movies while undergoing treatment and wanted his house decorated just like in those movies. “I love watching my favorite movie, ‘The Grinch!’ I want colored lights all over my porch rails and posts, and around all the doors! And I want a big light-up tree!” Wyatt says.

So Make-A-Wish Eastern North Carolina worked with a group of holiday light enthusiasts and experts to create a next level light show in Wyatt’s yard. The display features a 20-foot tree, a nativity, Santa, and the Grinch with 34-thousand lights synchronized to a soundtrack of 26 of Wyatt’s favorite holiday songs. Wyatt supervised the installation, which took a month to complete. At the grand reveal on December 4th, Wyatt beamed as he turned on the display from his custom control panel.

“When we finally reached the end, when it was time to wrap up, that’s when I got filled with the emotion, the memories, what we’re doing this for and the joy that it’s brought him,” says Wyatt’s mom Ashley. “Maybe he feels an expression of himself in these lights and it’s so beautiful for him to have this.”

Source: Good Morning America