Woman Finds Family Photo That Traveled 150 Miles In Tornado

A woman in Indiana found an old photograph stuck to her car’s window on Saturday morning. Katie Posten shared about finding a black and white photo of a woman and a child. On the back it read “Gertie Swatzell + JD Swatzell 1942.” She believed the photo may have blown in from Kentucky where they experienced several devastating tornadoes over the weekend and she hoped her post would lead back to the photo’s owner.

Her post was shared thousands of times across Twitter and Facebook and within a couple of hours, Posten updated it to say that the photo’s owner had been located. She shares that she has connected with a family member and plans to return the photo later in the week.”Someone came across it who is friends with a man with the same last name, and they tagged him,” Posten says.

The person who was tagged was Cole Swatzell, who commented that it belonged to family of his in Dawson Spring, Kentucky, which is around 150 miles from where the photo was found in New Albany, Indiana. The woman in the photo was his late great-grandmother, Gertie Swatzell or as she was known to the family, Big Momma, who passed away in 2003. “It’s really remarkable, definitely one of those things, given all that has happened, that makes you consider how valuable things are — memories, family heirlooms, and those kinds of things,” Posten says.

Source: FOX News