Kind Stranger Builds Wheelchair Ramp For Teen’s House

A good Samaritan in North Carolina builds a ramp at the home of a wheelchair-bound teen. One of the worst parts of Almay Belton’s day is when she gets home from school and her dad, Anthony, has to help her up the front steps to their house. The 14-year-old High Point Central High School freshman is confined to a wheelchair and getting inside her home by herself isn’t an option.

Recently, Anthony was struggling to back Almay’s wheelchair up their front steps when Joe Hill was driving by. As the owner of Premier Waterproofing, Hill has the skills and the tools to help the Beltons out, so he went up to their home, knocked on the door, and made them an offer. “He goes, ‘I was wondering, would you mind if I came out here and built you a ramp for nothing?’ and I kind of looked at him funny and said, ‘yeah okay there’s got to be a catch.’ Nothing is for nothing,” Anthony recalls.

But Hill wasn’t kidding. He returned on Monday and he and his crew built a ramp to the Belton’s front porch free of charge. And when Almay got home from school, he got all the pay he needed seeing her grinning from ear to ear. “The smile did it for me,” Hill says. “And knowing she can do it pretty much by herself, so it’s a little more independence for her.” Almay’s dad is blown away that a total stranger cared enough to do such a great thing for his family and it’s changed the way he sees the world. “And by him doing that, it shows you there are people in the world that do have hearts,” Anthony says. “People that do care about other people.”

Source: WXII 12