Police Help Elderly Homeless Woman Reunite With Family

Police in Henderson, Nevada, help an elderly homeless woman reunite with her estranged family before the holidays. When Henderson police officers Sterling Candland and Carlos Chorens found Rose, she was living behind a concrete traffic barrier. The 75-year-old woman was wearing a makeshift sling for her fractured arm and carrying everything she owned in a single suitcase. Rose had lived and worked in the Las Vegas Valley for years, but circumstances had left her homeless and alone.

The officers felt an instant connection to Rose and wanted to help her get back on her feet. So they connected her with local organizations that help the homeless. They also turned to their department’s Community Resource Center to try and locate her family through social media.

Officers were able to find Rose’s son, who lives in Louisiana. They then bought her a plane ticket to go be with her family. So Rose is now living in a loving home with her son and grandsons she didn’t even know she had, all thanks to two police officers who cared enough to help her out.

Source: FOX 5 Vegas