Food Truck Owner Feeds Tornado Victims, First Responders For Free

A restaurant owner brings her food truck to Mayfield, Kentucky, and parks it in the middle of the hardest hit area of the recent tornado, giving out free meals to first responders, workers, and victims. Amber Hayes, co-owner of farm-to-table restaurant Infinity Farms in nearby La Center, Kentucky, wanted to do something to help with the response efforts after the devastating tornado in Mayfield. So Hayes and her employees loaded up their food truck and headed to ground-zero of the tornado to feed anyone who needed it.

She was shocked at what she saw when she got there. “Being a part of these communities my entire life – when we came over the hill yesterday morning and the sun was coming up, it was like walking into a war zone,” she says. They set up their food truck and started doling out food to anyone who needed a hot meal. Police, firefighters, EMTs, workers, and locals lined up for the freebies.

The meals were appreciated, but Hayes says it pales in comparison to others’ contributions. “What we’re doing is a really small part – I don’t feel like we’re doing near as much as some of these men and women that are in the trenches,” she explains. Hayes has received lots of praise for her good deed and community members and organizations have offered food and cash donations to help her cause, so even though she only intended to set up for a day, she now plans to be there for several weeks. “For us, this is our gift,” she says. “If we can share it with others, that’s what we’re going to do.”

Source: FOXNews