Kansas Cops Give Away Hundred Dollar Bills Thanks To Secret Santa

Police in Shawnee, Kansas, are making lots of stops during this holiday season, but instead of giving out tickets, they’re handing out $100 bills. The money is from an anonymous donor who gave the Shawnee Police Department $10-thousand to give to unsuspecting people in the community. It’s a yearly tradition in Shawnee and no one knows the Secret Santa’s identity except for the chief of police.

Officer Justin Graham says the reactions he gets from lucky drivers who get some of the cash are priceless. One woman who he pulled over recently got emotional about the kind gift. “She was just, she was in a puddle. She was over the moon about receiving our gift,” he says. “So certainly, reactions like that are things that’ll stick with you.”

Graham is thankful to be able to have such rewarding exchanges with people in the community. “Oftentimes we see people on the worst day of their lives,” he says, “and so to… have positive interactions and let people know, yes, that we are human beings, that we care about our community as well, it’s wonderful.” The department puts together a scrapbook every year to show the Secret Santa how the donations are making a positive impact.

Source: KMBC