Husband Mad At Wife For Not Packing Bags For Trip She Was Uninvited From

A woman is being advised by the Internet to dump her husband after how terribly he treated her over the holidays. Not only was she not invited to his family’s for the holidays, but her husband got mad when she didn’t pack his bags for his trip.

The woman shared on Reddit’s “Am I The A-hole” forum that last year she and her husband Ted spent Christmas with his parents and it was “awkward.” She said that after the festivities his mom “sent me a list of thigs I’ve done wrong at her house,” and he didn’t actually stick up for her. In fact when this holiday season rolled around, he told her that his family didn’t invite her to the holidays due to last year’s “negative points,” and he was going to go without her. 

“I was upset but hey! If they don’t want me then I shouldn’t force it and tried to not feel hurt and offended,” she wrote. But things didn’t end there.

The holiday week rolls around and the husband had the nerve to ask the OP if his bags were packed for his trip. They weren’t because, while she did pack his stuff in the past when they traveled together, she didn’t this time because she wasn’t going. He got mad and accused her of trying to ruin his trip because she was “bitter” at not being invited, calling her “petty.” He eventually packed his own bag, but she says he’s no longer talking to her.

She wondered if she was in the wrong, but most people agree that not only isn’t she wrong, but she needs to dump the hubby.

  • “Change the locks while he is at his parents and hire a divorce attorney is what I would do if my wife did what your husband did,” one person noted.
  • “Why are you with this guy again?” another asked. “He wants to spend Christmas with his family, but you’re his family now.”

Source: Newsweek