Mom Reunites With Daughter Taken At Birth In 1979

Nancy Womac never gave up hope that she would get to meet the daughter who was taken from her at birth and 42 years later, she finally did. Womac was living in an orphanage when she got pregnant at age 16 and she was sent to a home for girls until she delivered her baby. But when she went into labor in June of 1979, she was given a shot and doesn’t remember anything until she woke up and her daughter was gone.

She never even got to hold her little girl, but she never stopped thinking about her, even baking a cake every year on her birthday. That little girl grew up to be Melanie Spencer, who was adopted by Christian missionaries and lived in South Africa and Indonesia. She always wondered about her biological mother and after having two kids of her own, Melanie decided to do a DNA test, which led her to Nancy’s sister and eventually to Nancy herself.

The mother and daughter connected, started texting and finally met for the first time this year when Melanie drove from her Maryland home to her mom’s in Georgia. They spent days getting to know each other and making memories and Melanie says the reunion “feels like coming home.”

Source: Toda