Man Invents Surgery To Cure His Mysterious Disease

A man bedridden for more than a decade with a mysterious disease, studies his condition and eventually invents a surgery to cure himself. In 1999, during his senior year studying biochemistry at Rockhurst College, Doug Lindsay fell ill with a disabling condition. The disease was the same one that had left his mother bedridden and doctors had no idea what it was. The intense pain and constant exhaustion plagued him for the next 11 years.

When it became clear that doctors weren’t going to be able to help him, Lindsay set out to cure himself. He researched his condition, found drugs that would work to alleviate some of his symptoms, and convinced a world-renowned specialist to assist him. Eventually he pinpointed his problem to a tumor inside his adrenal gland and self-diagnosed himself as having bilateral adrenal medullary hyperplasia. Lindsay then spent the next four years inventing a surgical procedure and putting together a team to remove the tumor.

In 2012 Lindsay underwent two successful surgeries to remove the tumors. He regained his strength and is able to live a relatively normal existence, and his research has also helped his mother and aunt, who suffer from the same condition. For Lindsay, the whole process has shed a light on the fact that thousands of people are living with rare unknown medical conditions that doctors are unable to help with. Lindsay often shares his unique story with audiences and has worked with other patients suffering from hard-to-diagnose medical conditions. “It’s such a beautiful blessing to have my life back and to take what I’ve learned and be able to help others,” he says. “I really do have to pinch myself sometimes.”

Source: People