Stranger Finds & Returns Bag Of Boy’s Lost Christmas Gifts

A Florida boy’s Christmas was saved by a stranger who found all the boy’s gifts on the side of the road. Christmas morning for five-year-old Dawson Chattin was a little disappointing. On Christmas Eve, while he and his family were heading home from their grandparents’ house, all of Dawson’s presents fell out of the back of his dad’s pickup truck. Luckily, a stranger found the gifts and turned them in to the sheriff’s office.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office posted on social media about the found gifts and asked that people share the news. The post was shared by where it was seen by Norman Carlisle, who recognized that the gifts belonged to his grandson. On Monday morning, Dawson’s mom Jackie Chattin showed up to claim the gifts and Dawson got a do-over of Christmas morning.

When Dawson got his gifts back, there was a little something extra in the bag. The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office had thrown in a bag full of goodies including an ESCO branded cup, fidget spinner, and football. Jackie took to Facebook to say how thankful they were for all those who helped in returning the presents. “We are sooo grateful and completely amazed there [are] still really honest nice people out there!!” The post reads, “What a Christmas Miracle!!!”

Source: KOMO News