Texas Dog Missing Three Years Is Home After Being Found In Indiana

A Texas dog found in Indiana has been reunited with her family after being missing for three years. Last week, a stray dog came up to Taylor and Tiffany Clay’s back door at their Marion, Indiana, home. They took the dog to the vet to see if she was microchipped, and then they got the shocking news: the dog, named Daisy, belonged to a family over 11-hundred miles away in Houston, Texas.

Daisy‘s owners, Katrina and Mark Skelton, were excited to hear that their dog had been found after so long. “Last Tuesday, we got a phone call from Taylor and Tiffany stating they found our dog all the way in Marion, Indiana,” says Katrina. “Mark and I were immediately like, ‘Okay, we’re going to Indiana this weekend. Let’s find a babysitter for our kids, and we’re making a 16-hour drive to get our dog because she was our first baby.’ We had her before we had our kids, so we missed her a lot.”

This past weekend, Daisy was reunited with her grateful family and the Clays were glad to help Daisy get back to her people. “It means everything to us so they can be happy, because I’d want someone to bring my dog back,” says Tiffany. The Skeltons don’t know how Daisy made it all the way to Indiana, but they always had a feeling that wherever she was, she was doing alright.

Source: FOX 59