Restaurant Owner Donates 10K KN95 Masks To Oakland Schools

An Oakland, California, restaurateur is donating 10-thousand KN95 masks to public high school students in the Oakland Unified School District. East Bay small business owner Euge Lee says the masks were urgently needed to help fight the COVID Omicron variant. “The important part was getting these into your hands ASAP to help out during a particularly tough time,” Lee tells Oakland school district leaders. “You folks have the future in your hands.” Oakland school district officials thanked Lee in a Facebook post for his generous donation and continued support.

In the past, Lee, whose own children attend Oakland public schools, has donated masks to schools, first responders, and other groups. “The sense of security you could feel when you have something like this — during a time like this — it is invaluable,” Lee says. “So, as a business owner, if I had access to this, it is my duty to help spread that security to my community.”

In addition to the masks Lee donated to the schools, he also donated 15-thousand masks to Oakland emergency responders. When asked why he keeps donating masks, Lee says the answer is simple: “The community has always supported our businesses. We wouldn’t be around without that support. When you can repay back that favor, you do it.”

Source: ABC 7 News