Amazing Race Ogdensburg

The First Presbyterian Church of Ogdensburg is sponsoring the first of what we hope to be an annual event. The AMAZING RACE AROUND OGDENSBURG, on Saturday June 11thfrom 9am until 2pm, will require participants to solve clues to identify places around the city of Ogdensburg. Once that location is identified, the team will race to that place to find their next clue. Throughout the race, participants will also be required to complete some physical and mental challenges. All clues and challenges have been designed so participants of all ages and abilities can enjoy and succeed. There are two different categories that participants can register for: 2 adults, or a family team which could be an adult with one child or one or two adults with several children. Over $1500 in prizes will be awarded. There are 2 different team categories, 2 adults, or a family team. Entry fee is $30 for 2 adults and $45 for a family team. We are encouraging people to come to the church on the day of the race even if they are not racing. We will have food games, vendors, and loads of fun and laughter guaranteed. More information about the race can be found here.