Buskers in the Bay!

Join us on Market Street in Alexandria Bay for this is fun-filled weekend of LIVE street performances.
Don’t miss this ever-growing event in Alexandria Bay, featuring performers from across North America!
Schedule: Coming Soon!
Additional fun:
Face painting Saturday and Sunday. Walking balloon twisters and magicians Saturday and Sunday!
You might be asking yourself: what exactly is Buskers? Busking, busker and busk are words that you don’t often hear in the United States. Primarily a British slang, busking is defined as a person who performs in public for donation and possibly came from the Italian buscare, which means “to gain or procure.” Often times, buskers are portrayed as “street musicians,” but can encompass just about anything that a person wants to do publicly (typically for money).
Visit https://www.visitalexbay.org

Jul 15 at 6 PM EDT – Jul 18 at 8 PM EDT