We are Bringing back Jo with RAVING REVIEWS 🤗
If you haven’t tried this yet, now is your chance

Do you want to feel like you have left your body, Calm your nervous system and heal your mind, body and soul?
DISCOVER the amazing affects of SOUNDWAVE HEALING!
Jo is a 3rd Degree Reiki Healer and Unity Drum Certified Practitioner.
Jo offers Sound Wave Drumming Therapy with her UNITY DRUM 🥁
Sound Wave Therapy is a non-conventional therapeutic and unique form of healing. The goal is to regain our initial balance, the one we had at birth.

Benefits: By elevating the vibrational energy in your body with this ancient method, the drumming vibration can help you relax, fight depression, stress, anxiety, alleviate stressful situations, releases negative feelings and energy, calms the nervous system, helps chronic pain and even fight insomnia and improve quality sleep. It also improves our ability to make good decisions, elevates our energy on a daily basis, helps us adapt to situations that arise, promotes Spiritual development and enhanced intuition, helps the body repair itself on a cellular level helping to release old traumas held in cellular memories, etc.

JO will be here Saturday January 15th
remaining 1 hour time slots are:

10:20 am
11:40 am
3 pm

To Book your session and preferred time please message 343-364-7369.
TO HOLD your space please transfer full payment of $110 to Cara48089@gmail.com
And message your preferred time slot!!