Lynn Miles: We’ll Look For Stars

Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 7 PM
Stone Crop Acres Winery and Vineyard
Public · Hosted by Harmony Concerts, Lynn Miles and Stone Crop Acres Winery and Vineyard
TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW AND LIMITED! “The music of Lynn Miles is truly one of a kind. Not only is she one of Canada’s best singer-songwriters, she’s one of the best, period. Folk music has many voices but hers is a voice that stands out, it’s a voice that knows the ways and long twisting back roads of the world, a voice that has lived and conveys that living through every song. It’s a voice we all know. ” (James Diaz of Anti-Heroin Chic ). A special addition to our ‘Concerts at the Winery’ series! Lynn Miles is embeded in the Canadian music industry with over 15 albums and has been called one of Canada’s “best singer-songwriters.” Lynn came out of one of winter 2020 with a new album just released in July, “We’ll Look For Stars.”
Lynn tours extensively as a solo artist and with her duo partner Lynne Hanson as “The LYNNeS.” Lynn estimates she’s written about 900 songs, she’s never done an official count, but one thing is for sure, you will recognize many. She has produced 5 albums for other artists including two critically acclaimed albums by Lynne Hanson.
Lynn is not only gifted musically, she is a great story teller and aspires to have a standup comedy routine!
Tickets will not last long for this event so don’t delay purchase. It will occur rain or shine.