How To Keep Your Energy Up During Winter

It’s challenging to keep positive during winter. If you get the blues or find yourself feeling sluggish, there are some products that can give you a boost. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is common mental health issue that “Psychology Today” reports affects 10 million people and many more may feel mild effects from SAD. Let’s shake it off…Read More »


IT’S THE SEASON OF HUGS! HUGS FOR HOSPICE IS BACK RAISING MONEY FOR HOSPICE! BELOW IS THE LOCATION SCHEDULE: NOV15TH Potsdam Ponderosa Potsdam,NY 11am-1pm NOV18TH Village Diner Potsdam,NY 9am-11am NOV 22ND Parkway Express Travel Center Raymondville,NY 11am-1pm NOV29TH Parkway Express Travel Center Potsdam,NY 11am-1pmRead More »

A Guy Who Had a 10% Chance to Live Just Completed an Ironman Race

There’s a 28-year-old guy in Missouri named Michael Bigogno who played multiple sports growing up, and went to college on a baseball scholarship. But right after his junior year in 2012, he borrowed a friend’s skateboard and had a bad accident that almost KILLED him. He fell turning a corner . . . the left…Read More »

A 103-Year-Old Woman Finally Got to Ride a Motorcycle

A 103-year-old woman named Bert Mullenbach lives at a nursing home in Rochester, Minnesota. (About 80 miles southeast of Minneapolis.) And for years, she’s wanted to ride a MOTORCYCLE. Which is something you should really check off your bucket list BEFORE you pass the century mark. So she figured she’d never do it. But last…Read More »