A Parents’ Guide To Understanding Teen Slang

Not sure what the words your teen throws around all the time really mean? You’re definitely not alone. Parents of tweens and teens have gotten pretty good at knowing how to decipher their kid’s eye rolls, grunts and door slamming, but some of the actual words they say may sound like another language. And that…Read More »

Restaurant Owner Donates 10K KN95 Masks To Oakland Schools

An Oakland, California, restaurateur is donating 10-thousand KN95 masks to public high school students in the Oakland Unified School District. East Bay small business owner Euge Lee says the masks were urgently needed to help fight the COVID Omicron variant. “The important part was getting these into your hands ASAP to help out during a particularly tough…Read More »

NJ Woman Helps Homeless Man Who Won’t Give Up His Dog

A New Jersey good Samaritan helps a homeless man who couldn’t find a shelter that would let him keep his dog. Susan McGrath was grabbing some breakfast at a Berkeley, New Jersey, McDonald’s this weekend when she saw a homeless man and his dog sitting out in the freezing rain. McGrath, a pet parent herself, couldn’t just…Read More »

Texas Dog Missing Three Years Is Home After Being Found In Indiana

A Texas dog found in Indiana has been reunited with her family after being missing for three years. Last week, a stray dog came up to Taylor and Tiffany Clay’s back door at their Marion, Indiana, home. They took the dog to the vet to see if she was microchipped, and then they got the shocking news: the…Read More »

Iowa Mail Carrier’s Life-Saving Rescue Caught On Camera

A postal worker was caught on camera doing an act of kindness that may have saved a woman’s life. Linda Houlton went out to get the mail at her house in Des Moines, Iowa, but she fell on the snow and ice and couldn’t get back up. She struggled to get back on her feet, but when…Read More »

The States Where Most People Are Moving To & From

U.S. States With The Most People Moving In Vermont South Dakota South Carolina West Virginia Florida Alabama Tennessee Oregon Idaho Rhode Island U.S. States With The Most People Moving Out New Jersey Illinois New York Connecticut California Michigan Massachusetts Louisiana Ohio Nebraska  For some people, the New Year may bring a new place to live,…Read More »

Powerball Jackpot Rolls Over — Again

Time to go to work today – that’s because, no…you didn’t win the Powerball jackpot last night. The winning numbers were 2, 13, 32, 33 and 48. The Powerball was 22 and the PowerPlay multiplier was 2x. The good news? The jackpot keeps growing – and it now stands at a staggering 575-million dollars. What…Read More »

World’s Oldest Person Celebrates 119th Birthday

The oldest person in the world, Kane Tanaka, celebrates her 119th birthday. Tanaka was born on January 2nd, 1903 in Japan and has held the title of the world’s oldest person since July of 2018. She is only the third person in human history to have verifiably reached the age of 119. Her great-granddaughter, Junko Tanaka took to…Read More »