A Dog That Lost Its Puppies Adopted Six More

Someone dropped off a pregnant dog named Blossom at an animal shelter in Houston last month. She looks like some sort of terrier mix, and gave birth to three puppies earlier this month. Unfortunately, two of the puppies didn’t make it. They died a few days after they were born, possibly from an infection. And…Read More »

A Cop Jumps Onto a Runaway Amish Horse and Buggy and Stops It

A horse that was attached to a buggy took off running near Wooster, Ohio Sunday morning, about 30 miles southwest of Akron. It belonged to an Amish family, and no one was driving it. The horse was just sprinting down a road at about 25 miles an hour in the WRONG LANE, and no one…Read More »

A Guy With Terminal Cancer Scaled Mount Everest

There’s a 47-year-old guy from England named Ian Toothill who was diagnosed with bowel cancer about two years ago. Last year he thought he’d beat it, and the cancer was gone. But it recently came back, and his doctors told him he might only have a few months left. So with that in mind, he…Read More »

A High School Kid’s Service Dog Got Its Own Yearbook Photo

There’s a 16-year-old kid in Falmouth, Virginia named A.J. Schalk who has type-1 diabetes. And he has a service dog named Alpha that goes everywhere with him. It can sense when his blood sugar is about to drop, and let him know about 30 minutes before it happens. So he even brings the dog to…Read More »

The First Kid Rescued by an “Amber Alert” Just Went to Prom

“Amber Alerts” about missing kids used to go out over the radio and TV. Now they also pop up on your phone, and make an annoying sound unless you have it disabled. But you SHOULDN’T disable it, because those things actually work. In the last 20 years, almost a THOUSAND KIDS have been found because…Read More »

An Emotional Mom Met Her 52-Year-Old Daughter for the First Time

This is pretty amazing, especially right before Mother’s Day . . . A woman in Austin, Texas named Donna Pavey met her 52-year-old daughter Sharon for the first time last week. And the video is INTENSE, but in the best way possible. Donna was pretty young when she had Sharon, and her parents made her…Read More »

A Kid Refused to Go to Prom Unless His Mom Was His Date

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. I don’t know what you’ve got planned for YOUR mom, but I doubt it’ll beat THIS . . . A high school senior in Charlotte named Rayquan Howard went to his prom on Saturday . . . and insisted on bringing his MOM as his date. Her name is Shontelle.…Read More »