Midday Cafe With Stacey Wilde

Stick around for all the best!

The Robot Remix at Noon,

The 1 o’ Clock Wind Up,

and Your 2 o’ Clock Run!

Plus the latest news about what’s going on in the Seaway Valley in the Community Corner, and all that’s going on with pop-culture! 

    Personalities Associated with the show:

  • Stacey Wilde

    Host of the Midday Cafe! Monday - Friday @ 10 AM Midday Cafe Blondes may have more fun… but Redheads like it WILD! Such is the case of Stacey Wilde, who joins you Monday-Friday in the Mid-Day Café from 10am to 3pm. Her high-energy, flair for fun, and infectious laugh will keep you entertained throughout…
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